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Travelling to 2118- Research shows that young people who learn to imagine and build a future of their choosing are more likely to thrive in school and life. Through our Travelling to 2118 project, we partner with students and teachers across the Europe to turn their schools into vibrant, engaging places where every student can develop these mindsets and skills and bring their dreams for self, school, and society to life.


BEYOND THE BORDERS-This is an international etwinning project that mainly focuses on our city,region and country's culture and cultural heritage..This project starts in October 2018 and lasts till the end of May 2019..Children who are actively taking responsibilities on those issues grow up as more responsible,understanding,merciful,empathic,helpful and friendly to others. Each school will introduce their culture and cultural heritage of their city,region and country.Students will be acquainted with Web 2.0 tools,and they will use them during the project activities.Each school will prepare their city's and region's\country's introduction poster.And each partner will send small souvenirs that symbolize their own city.At the end of the project,there will be an e-twinning project with the posters and souvenirs of each partner.


CONTACT WITH EMOJI-Emojies are frequently used in communication with developing technology. We will use the emojies who are attracted to children very much in the area of ​​recognizing and expressing their emotions.


Let us all celebrate the European Day of Languages-This is a short collaborative project created to celebrate European Day of Languages. Students will have to create online posters that will depict their country. They can write both in their mother tongue and in English greeting words. The posters will be displayed on the Twinspace platform so as to be shared with the rest of the school on the 26th of September as part of a bigger celebration.

Svjetski tjedan svemira - World Space Week se obilježava svake godine od 4. – 10. listopada. Ovogodišnja tema je "SVEMIR UJEDINJUJE SVIJET". Svjetski tjedan svemira proglasila je Opća skupština Ujedinjenih naroda 1999. godine. 

Učenici putnici (1. - 6. razred) pod vodstvom knjižničarke Vlatke Antolić i učenici 8. razreda (INA 'Mali fizičari') pod vodstvom učiteljice Ružice Novak su se uključiti u istraživanje svemira kako bi nam pokazali što su novog pronašli i naučili. 

Za učenike razredne nastave su organizirane 2. radionice: "Otkrijmo svemir" i "Putovanje u svemir".

Za Učenike 8. razreda - Istraživanje svemira i izrada PPT prezentacija.



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