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Meeting with Coral Sunone

Autor: Vlatka Antolić, 24. 11. 2015.

Meditation lesson for better life

On Friday some classes from our school had a meeting with Coral Sunone. She is a 38 year old woman from Asia. She taught us how to love our bodies, how to love ourselves. First she told us something about herself. She told us that she had cancer when she was 27. She was very nervous and cared about her future, about grades, money, everything. She slept only about 3 hours a day. After her illnes she decided to enjoy every moment of her life. She traveled around the world and taught people how to enjoy life, how to love themselves. So we did following: everybody sat in a circle and said, for example: 'I love Lorena, I love myself.' And everybody said that with their names. Then, we layed down on the floor and listened to Coral speaking to us. She told us that we should say 'Thank you' to all parts of our body. We should say thank you to our eyes, because we can see this beautiful nature. In the end of our meeting we drew our own body-house and presented and explained to other people in class what we drew. That was a beautiful English (not only English!) lesson and I would like to repeat it.                                                                Lorena Pracaić


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